Our Services

Company Formation

For those who are in the early stages of turning their idea into reality, we guide you through the process of registration and incorporation, ensuring you are connected with the right legal teams to build a solid foundation for your business.

Business Plan Writing

Your customized business plan serves as a dynamic guide, adapting to the evolving needs of your startup and acting as a persuasive tool for potential investors and partners.

Venture Capitalist (VC) Introductions

Private investment is a cornerstone of successful expansion. We work with your team to identify key needs and introduce your business to private investors who provide the highest chance of successful funding.

Grant writing

Grant writing requires a keen understanding of your company’s unique value proposition. Our team specializes in articulating your vision, ensuring that your proposals not only meet the criteria necessary to secure grants but also stand out in highly competitive fields. With attractive grant options, including NRC-IRAP, Alberta Innovates, ERA, and more. We help you secure the financial resources crucial for turning your ideas into reality and scaling your business.

SR&ED Applications

Our specialists assist in maximizing your eligibility for tax incentives, ensuring you capitalize on government programs designed to support innovation. From documentation to submission, we guide you through the SR&ED application process to maximize your returns and reinvest in your startup’s growth.

Pitch Deck Design

A compelling pitch deck is a crucial aspect of any startup’s portfolio. Our team will design a concise, visually engaging pitch deck and train your executives in presenting and distributing the material in the most effective manner.


Our networking services are geared towards expanding your reach within relevant industry circles. From industry events to online platforms, we help you build meaningful connections with potential partners, mentors, and collaborators.

Team-building & Talent Acquisition

Building a successful startup begins with assembling the right team. Our talent acquisition services go beyond traditional recruitment. We focus on identifying individuals whose skills and values align with your company culture. Whether you’re in need of technical expertise, creative minds, or leadership talent, we streamline the hiring process to ensure you attract and retain the best fit for your team.


Our marketing services are tailored to elevate your startup’s visibility and brand presence. From digital marketing campaigns to content creation and branding, we collaborate with you to develop a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience and sets your startup apart.

Patent Writing & IP Creation

Protecting your intellectual property is essential in the competitive startup ecosystem. Our experts in patent writing and intellectual property (IP) creation work closely with you to identify, document, and secure your innovations. Whether it’s a ground-breaking technology or a unique business process, we guide you through the process of obtaining patents and establishing a robust long-term IP strategy to safeguard your competitive edge.

Business & Sales Strategy

From market entry strategies to scalability plans, we work side by side with you to uncover opportunities and mitigate risks, ensuring your business is prepared to face any and all potential risks & challenges.

Science & Engineering Services

Our team comes from a wide array of fields of science and engineering, bringing a wealth of experience from operational and executive positions in startups and industry sectors. Our team and advisors are dedicated to supporting your business in research and development (R&D), project management, prototyping, market strategies, and more.

Financial Services

AdvaTech offers an array of financial services designed to provide your business with a solid foundation. From establishing controls to creating multi-year projections, we provide you with a variety of options with the help of experienced CPA’s.

ESG Consulting

ESG is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects of modern business. Our team has a wealth of experience in GRC and specializes in ESG. We will ensure your business is prepared for the ever-evolving regulations and constraints that every business is going to face.

Foreign Company Expansion to Canada

We specialize in helping companies from overseas move their operations to Canada. Through this route, we can assist with the immigration of company executives and key employees through methods such as Canada’s intra-company executive transfer.