Foreign Company Expansion to Canada

At AdvaTech, we understand the burning ambition of innovative minds to take their startups global. Canada, with its welcoming environment and burgeoning startup scene, beckons many ambitious entrepreneurs. We specialize in guiding foreign startups through the complexities of relocating to Canada, offering strategic advice, and connecting you with the right resources to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Why Choose AdvaTech for Your Canadian Startup Transfer?

Expert Immigration Strategy:

We develop a customized immigration plan that considers the needs of your entire team and leadership.

Trusted Network of Immigration Partners:

We connect you with a network of experienced immigration specialists who excel in securing work permits and navigating exemptions for your team.

Business Establishment & Legal Support:

Our network of legal experts guides you through the intricacies of establishing your business in Canada, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Government Liaison & Advocacy:

Leverage our network and expertise to navigate government agencies and access valuable resources for your startup.

Funding & Investment Connections:

We connect you with potential investors and funding opportunities within the Canadian ecosystem.

Networking & Community Integration:

Gain access to our network of industry experts, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs to foster your startup’s growth.

Our Canadian Startup Transfer Services:

Immigration Strategy Development:

We design a plan tailored to your specific needs, considering your team’s size, skillsets, and desired immigration pathways like permanent residency programs.

Immigration Partner Matching:

We connect you with the right immigration specialists to handle ICT applications, LMIA exemptions, and permanent residency applications for your team, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

Business Incorporation & Legal Services:

Partner with our network of legal experts for seamless business incorporation and ongoing legal support to stay compliant with Canadian regulations.

Government Liaison & Advocacy:

We navigate government interactions on your behalf, connecting you with the right resources and advocating for your startup’s needs.

Funding & Investment Facilitation:

Leverage our network to introduce you to potential investors and funding opportunities tailored to your startup’s growth stage.