Patent & IP Creation

At AdvaTech, we understand the pivotal role of intellectual property (IP) in securing and advancing the innovations of tech startups. We are thrilled to offer “discounted” patent writing services, supported by our extensive connections with reputable patent and legal firms, to support the burgeoning needs of startups in broad science and engineering fields. Our specialized services are designed to navigate the complexities of IP creation and protection, ensuring your innovations receive the legal recognition and security they deserve while providing access to expert legal advice and representation when needed. 

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Patent Drafting:

Our experienced patent professionals craft detailed and comprehensive patent applications that clearly articulate the novelty and utility of your invention, tailored to meet the rigorous standards of patent offices.

Utility Patents:

We specialize in the preparation and filing of utility patents to protect the functionality of your inventions, focusing on technological and industrial processes, machines, and compositions of matter.

Design Patents:

We protect your products’ unique appearance or aesthetic features through design patents, ensuring the visual attributes are securely patented.

Provisional & Non-Provisional Patents:

We offer services for provisional applications, which are a quick and cost-effective way to secure a filing date, and detailed non-provisional applications, which lead to a full examination and potential patent grant.

Patent Revision & Prosecution:

We engage in rigorous revision processes to refine your patent applications. Coupled with adept prosecution services to navigate the examination process, we help you respond effectively to office actions to maximize the chances of your patent being granted.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Assessments:

We conduct thorough analyses to ensure that your product or process can be commercialized without infringing on existing patents (FTO assessments) and identify potential patent infringements to provide strategic advice. This approach minimizes the risk of legal disputes, ensuring a clear path for innovation and market entry.

Patent Filing Services:

We assist with the filing of patents across various jurisdictions, ensuring that your applications meet all local legal requirements for both domestic and international protection.

Our team of experienced patent experts is dedicated to guiding tech startups through the intricacies of patent writing and IP creation, providing strategic advice and support to safeguard your innovations. At AdvaTech, we are committed to enhancing your competitive edge through robust IP protection.