At AdvaTech, we recognize the critical importance of innovation and research in driving the growth of tech startups. Our dedicated Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive services are designed to maximize your company’s ability to reclaim investments in research and development, fueling further innovation and technological advancement. Leveraging our deep understanding of the SR&ED program’s requirements and our technical writing and financial analysis expertise, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your projects qualify for the maximum tax credits available.

Our specialized SR&ED services include:

Identify Eligible Projects:

We start by identifying projects and expenditures that qualify for SR&ED tax incentives, focusing on activities that advance scientific knowledge or achieve technological improvements.

Prepare Comprehensive Documentation:

Our team crafts detailed technical reports demonstrating how your projects meet the SR&ED criteria, emphasizing the systematic investigation and experimental development aspects.

Develop Strong Financial Claims:

We meticulously prepare financial documentation to support your SR&ED claim, ensuring every eligible expense is accounted for and properly justified.

Ensure Alignment with SR&ED Policies:

Our experts stay abreast of the latest SR&ED policies and guidelines to ensure your claim is fully compliant and optimized for the current regulatory environment.

Provide Audit Support:

In the event of a CRA review, we stand by your side, offering guidance and support to navigate the audit process smoothly and presenting the necessary evidence to substantiate your claim.

Offer Continuous Education and Updates:

We keep you informed on the latest SR&ED program updates and provide ongoing education to help your team recognize eligible activities and expenses as they occur.

Foster a Proactive SR&ED Strategy:

Our approach is not just reactive; we work with you to implement strategies for documenting and tracking SR&ED activities in real-time, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next claim.

AdvaTech is committed to unlocking your business’s full potential through the SR&ED tax incentive program. This will enable you to reinvest in your innovation journey and maintain a competitive edge in the tech industry.